Client Story

How Aloe Vera Gel Saved Me From Surgery

About 4 and a half years ago I ruptured a disc in my lower back which meant my movement was restricted, I couldn’t stand or walk unaided & faced invasive back surgery, after 2 cancelled operation appointments a nurse asked me if I had tried drinking “Forever Freedom” an Aloe Vera based gel drink which contained Glusosamine, Chondroitin & Methyl Sulfomyl Methane (MSM) which is especially designed for joint pain while supporting the immunity system, as she had seem great results in others, I wasn’t really sure what all those big words meant but my medication levels had increased to a ridicules level & it became harder to function on a daily basis, I had no short term memory & was still in pain…. I would have paid any price or tried anything if the pain would stop!

After the first week I got used to the taste (lets face it nothing good for you tastes great) & started to notice my skin wasn’t so dry.

After 3 weeks the range of mobility was greatly improved & I was in less pain.

After 3 months I had another appointment with my surgeon (2 days before my surgery date), he told me that my latest MRI showed that two of my disc’s (including the ruptured one) had degenerated so badly that he would need to fuse the whole base of my spine, however the range of movement I now had wasn’t normal based on the MRI scan & he couldn’t explain how I was moving better or how I had managed to reduce my medication levels.

He went on to explain that if he was to go ahead with the operation I would loose some of the movement I had regained nor could he guarantee that I wouldn’t still have some pain for the rest of my life. He then said in his professional opinion that he would recommend for me to carry on doing what I was doing as it was working & we would review in 6 months.

Six months on he said that as I am now so mobile that he doesn’t think surgery is the right course of action but to keep on drinking the gel, rebuild the muscle loss I had lost from being on crutches for three years, get off the crutches & lose the weight I gained from being so inactive for so long.

I have since joined this amazing company & I’ve helped others discover the benefit of drinking Forever Living’s Gel Drinks. If you would like to try any of our Gel drinks they are all covered by a 60 day money back guarantee so if you don’t feel any better after taking them for a month or two you will get your money back or if like me you would be interested in helping others or building a business to give you the lifestyle you want in 2-5 years from now just ask me how….